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In this world of large corporate, impersonal dealerships where you are no more than just a registration number, we at JP Car Care aim to bring the personal touch to your visit to the garage

The JP Team


John Manvill

John Manvill

John is the lunatic who started all this nonsense!

John has been fixing cars since an early age, starting in his dad's garage at home and progressing through college into his working life, firstly on Audi/VW and then moving onto all makes and models 

At least, that's how it feels on the bad days.. What was I thinking!

"Having been doing this for 35 years working on all makes and models, I have seen a lot of changes within the trade. The one thing that has not really changed is the concern people have when their vehicle is in for repair"                                                        How will I get to work, when will i get it back, How much will it cost!!

We understand these concerns and will do everything we can to keep you mobile and repair your vehicle as economically as possible, giving you best advice as if the vehicle was our own!

Unfortunately, as we all know with cars, it is probably going to cost you a chunk of money at some point. We hope to make that bill "more than you had hoped, but less than you feared!"

Paul Dye


Paul Dye

Paul has been with JP since the beginning, he and John met at college and have been friends ever since

Paul has been in the motor trade all his working life.

  With 35 years experience, he can deal with anything a modern vehicle can throw at him

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